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How Shell Built a Global Customer Identity Ecosystem

Takeaways from Gartner IAM Summit 2018 with Royal Dutch Shell

Shell's GM Digital Technologies and VP Innovation, Johan Krebbers, oversees the digital technology powering the $305 billion annual turnover behemoth, headquartered in the Netherlands. Johan Krebbers shared how his team supports the company's digital agenda with the Akamai Identity Cloud (previously Janrain) at the Gartner IAM Summit

In late 2016, Shell and Janrain (now Akamai) began working together to execute on a global, SaaS-based customer identity strategy to drive Shell's digitalisation efforts and support the 30+ million customers it serves daily.

This project not only involved supporting numerous consumers at scale, but a complex ecosystem of businesses that serve those consumers -- think 43,000 petro stations and over 500,000 service agents across 80 countries!

Here are some pillars of Shell's use case, presented at Gartner IAM Summit in December 2018 in conjunction with Janrain:

  1. Actionable data collection. Shell, like most global enterprises, has many data collection points -- drones, industrial machinery, mobile apps, etc. -- so a clear digital data flow is needed that enables business decision makers to extract actionable insights and maximize value creation.

  2. The importance of mobile with a seamless identity experience. For Shell, mobile is the most important channel. Shell customers and retail site managers are remote so the IT team supports mobile apps for rewards, point of sale, and more. The team implemented a single sign-on solution which leverages experience enhancers like social login for its B2C and B2B services. Shell's new solution streamlines registration and uses federated identity, to create a singular view of each user across all channels.

  3. Global support with cloud. Shell has a presence in almost 80 countries so it wanted an identity as a service (IDaaS) solution that could consistently support its offerings globally, including emerging markets like China and Russia. The Shell team also addressed disparate global data protection regulations by adopting GDPR and similar standards worldwide with the help of Akamai.

  4. In-house identity expertise with self-service. Shell invested in its own in-house identity expertise to support the Akamai integration and ongoing identity management efforts. Shell's internal team has a solid understanding of Akamai for efficiency and to support global deployments and other service deployments. Akamai's support for open and widely supported standards, such as OpenID Connect and OAuth, allows Shell's teams to deploy new identity services in minutes without having to change application code.

The Shell use case demonstrates the power of customer identity and access management (CIAM) in support of a global company's strategic business objectives. By implementing a customer identity solution for its B2C and B2B use cases, Shell better serves its retail site managers, fuel card users, and 19 million loyalty club members.

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