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The Future of Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management is an essential component of customer security and privacy. In an age of escalating security threats and ever-increasing data breaches, protecting customers from identity theft, account takeover and privacy abuses requires sophisticated identity and access management capabilities. At the same time, customer expectations for seamless, personalized omni-channel experiences continue to rise, straining traditional approaches to identity management. Increasingly security and risk professionals are turning to a new generation of customer IAM tools to engage consumers while protecting them throughout the customer life cycle.

In a newly updated report -- The Future of Identity and Access Management -- Forrester Research points out the vital importance of putting the customer first:

"Great customer experiences lead to higher revenue growth for your company. To consistently deliver great customer experiences, you must be customer obsessed. To be customer obsessed, you must think and operate differently, prioritizing investments in business technology, that is, the technology, systems, and processes that help win, serve, and retain customers. IAM is one of those business technologies, having evolved from a collection of purely security-focused technologies into an essential one that helps you understand and engage with customers along every step of their journey."

As Forrester Research notes, customer-obsessed firms are increasingly using digital technologies to create new sources of value and increase operational agility. This digital transformation requires a new generation of IAM tools designed to support new digital business models and customer requirements -- tools that not only keep up with spiraling security challenges and privacy concerns, but also move beyond that to provide a new class of customer management services.

A New Era of Customer Privacy Advocacy

At Akamai, we couldn't agree more.

In particular, we believe that it's vital that your customer identity and access management solution provide customer profile management, not just security. With the advent of GDPR and with new consumer privacy and consent requirements emerging in California and around the world it's essential that your CIAM solution collect and manage customer consent and marketing preferences seamlessly, across all touchpoints and channels. To turn compliance into a business advantage, we designed the Akamai Identity Cloud to enable you to build customer profiles progressively and gather consent throughout the customer lifecycle. Our powerful consent and profile management capabilities integrate with your marketing tech stack, as well as other downstream systems to provide the identity context you need to delight consumers at every stage of the customer journey.

Customer-obsessed brands also have to be vigilant about security. As bots and hackers grow more sophisticated, your preventative measures need to evolve. At Akamai, we are stepping up to the task, offering clients a variety of multi-factor authentication methods, and developing new methods of identity verification -- such as device reputation and digital exhaust. To learn more about how you can leverage IAM technologies to enable customer-centric digital transformation initiatives download this complimentary copy of Forrester Research's October 2018 report, "The Future of Identity and Access Management."