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Drive Greater Efficiencies in Reaching a Distributed Audience with One-to-Many Delivery

The Challenge: Achieve Consistent Contribution while Maximizing Audience Reach

Audiences are becoming increasingly distributed not only from a geographical perspective, but also in the channels viewers use when consuming live content. Content providers need a solution to efficiently and easily reach a distributed audience, while ensuring they are delivering an engaging experience to each of their viewers across across a variety of outlets.

The Solution: One-to-Many Delivery by Media Services Live

One-to-Many Delivery is a feature enhancement by Media Services Live 4 (MSL 4) which enables multiple delivery outlets to easily access content located in a single live origin. This allows for content providers to maximize reach for a broadly distributed audience reach, while realizing consistent distribution across their deliver channels. A live stream ingested on one liveOriginTM can efficiently be distributed to reach a diverse audience using multiple delivery configurations in other Akamai account(s). The feature also simplifies operational complexities by allowing management of multiple delivery outlets through a central liveOrigin account.

Figure 1: Media Services liveOriginTM architecture - Support for multiple Akamai delivery channels and 3rd-party CDNs

liveOrigin has always supported use with multiple delivery outlets, however each delivery account would need to be linked to a concurrent origin account for reporting, billing and tracking. This enhancement grants origin and delivery accounts further autonomy through an increasingly modular architecture.

Key Benefits

  • Efficiently maximize reach for a broadly distributed audience

  • Realize consistent distribution of live content across delivery channels

  • Simplify management and improve visibility for reporting, billing, and tracking of delivery channels

  • Improved origin-delivery autonomy through a modular architecture to support additional origin-delivery use cases

Customer Use Case

The largest and possibly most complex use case to date for any live origin was demonstrated during a live international soccer/football tournament to connect half the broadcasters delivering the event to a single liveOrigin by Akamai's Media Services Live. The tournament lasted for a month and was viewed in over 100 countries, with billions of minutes of live content watched over millions of streams. Akamai enabled 23 broadcasters to connect to a single liveOrigin using One-to-Many Delivery configurations, with broadcast-quality results achieving 99.999% ingest success rate and 99.993% origin availability.

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