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Why Akamai for Zero Trust

Why a Shift Now?

Businesses continue to evolve as digital technologies reshape industries. The workforce is mobile and varied, and speed and efficiency are imperative. This has necessitated dynamic, fluid infrastructures and connectivity, as well as unhindered, secure application access -- from anywhere, on any device, at any time. Leaders must remove hurdles to progress, but new initiatives and processes have increased complexity and expanded the attack surface. The past 10 years have seen data breaches that affect hundreds of millions of people, data exfiltration from sensitive government systems, the rise of ransomware, the proliferation of malware- and ransomware-as-a-service, and so much more.

And these threats aren't dissipating. Cyber criminals are becoming more sophisticated, the number of connected devices continues to soar, the workforce increasingly demands flexibility and accessibility, the number of corporate applications used daily climbs, and a reliance on hardware and software appliances -- cobbled together to provide enterprise network access and a centralized security stack -- persists.

Why Evolve to a Zero Trust Model?

A zero trust security model meets these challenges head on. Zero trust assumes that everything on the network is hostile; trust is not an attribute of location. Gone are the days of "inside versus outside" and perimeter security, as too is the mantra of "trust, but verify." In their place, organizations must adopt a "verify and never trust" outlook, authenticating and authorizing every device and user before delivering applications or data. In addition, analytics, filtering, and logging are employed to verify correctness of behavior and to continually watch for signals of compromise.

This fundamental change in posture defeats a vast amount of the compromises seen in the past decade. Attackers can no longer focus on exploiting perimeter weaknesses, and then exploit sensitive data and applications because they made it through the moat and inside of the castle. Now there is no moat. There are just applications and users, each of which must mutually authenticate and verify authorization before access can occur.

Why Cloud Services for Zero Trust?

As the classic moat and castle approach to enterprise security is no longer viable, businesses must shift to meet their users, applications, and data where they live -- today, that means the cloud, as it offers increased and improved flexibility, collaboration, connectivity, and performance. Via a cloud framework, you can work with the numerous and varied application types required to support your business today, even those on-premise, in a scalable and agile manner. Software updates and patches, as well as security policy updates, are automatic, keeping your company's machines and users secure. And devices or users can be wiped or unauthorized remotely in case of loss or compromise, keeping sensitive data safe. Additionally, moving to a cloud services-enabled architecture allows you to stack other services on top of existing technologies, such as performance capabilities and additional layers of security, as well as collapse your costly hardware and software stacks that have to be replicated across data centers and cloud providers globally, reducing capital expenditure. And outsourced management of cloud-based supporting systems frees up IT resources to focus on business-critical initiatives.

Why Akamai for Zero Trust?

Akamai has been a cloud-native company since our inception in 1998. We focus on four fundamental pillars that differentiate us from other zero trust solution providers:

Unmatched Platform

The Akamai Intelligent PlatformTM delivers up to 30% of global web traffic and processes 2.2 trillion DNS queries daily. Our view of the Internet is unprecedented, and because of that, we are able to provide incredibly fast and secure solutions.


With the unparalleled scale and resiliency of more than 200,000 servers in over 130 countries, our solutions are designed to offer uninterrupted service with consistency, quality, and security across every device, every time.

The breadth of the Akamai Platform provides a strategic foundation for security, agility, and business impact. Our suite of capabilities can be leveraged for buildable and scalable cloud transformation, web and enterprise security, information governance, web and mobile performance, DevOps alignment, and OTT experiences.

Reliable Threat Intelligence

Delivering high-quality threat intelligence starts with raw data and is supplemented by Akamai's dedicated security experts, the Cloud Security Intelligence (CSI) team, who continuously evaluate additional threat data sources, establish new security and engineering partnerships, research new methodologies for data manipulation, develop proprietary algorithms to quickly identify new malicious behavior, and validate results.

The aforementioned data set is augmented by a number of external threat feeds that are licensed from security partners. The final piece is public data such as WHOIS and registrar information, which is also used extensively during the validation stage. The combined data set is analyzed using advanced, real-time behavioral analysis and proprietary algorithms. To help identify threats that are difficult to detect using automation alone, the data is further enhanced via review by the CSI team.


[Competitor Case Study]

In a recent customer product evaluation, the CSI team was able to investigate the alerts produced by a competitor's security product. These alerts were from an evaluation using live traffic during a week's duration and not based on using a list of malicious domains.

From 107 alerts that the system raised:

  • 7 (6.5%) of the alerts were current/real
  • 47 (44%) of the domains were old, so represented close to zero risk
  • 25 (23%) of the domains were truly false positives (32% with dead domains included)

The net result: An already taxed security team would waste significant and valuable time and expertise investigating alerts that, for the most part, did not need investigation.

Most Trusted Brand

We never stop innovating to stay ahead of the latest threats -- including malware, phishing, data exfiltration, and other advanced attacks.

This commitment to security is why we're trusted by security-conscious industries, including 18 of the largest asset managers, 12 of the top insurers, and 8 of the top financial technology companies. You can worry less about cyber attacks and focus on growing your business.


We have decades of experience and a team of more than 1,600 experts supporting you with strategic expertise, comprehensive outsourcing, proactive monitoring, and responsive

More than troubleshooting. Whether it's the middle of the afternoon or the middle of the night, our 1,600 experts team thrives on helping to bring your digital experiences to life, 24/7, every day of the year.

Learn more about the Akamai Intelligent Platform and explore the solutions that can help your business shift to a cloud-based zero trust security model at akamai.com/zerotrust.