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Having knowledge and visibility is just as important as products and technology when it comes to detecting and combating the latest attacks on the Internet. At Akamai, we protect customers from many of the largest and most sophisticated attacks in the world, and we are launching a series of Akamai Security Summits to share what we've learned. This is an opportunity for security professionals to discuss the latest intelligence with your peers at other organizations, as well as with our experts at Akamai. We will be talking about the record-setting DDoS attacks we saw in February this year, discussing the attack surface of web APIs, and reviewing the latest techniques for dealing with credential stuffing attacks.

We have finalized the first few venues for these global summits. Our first stops are Madrid (June 14), London (June 20), and Paris (June 29). We will follow those up with other cities in Europe, and then lead into events in North America and Asia later in the year - stay tuned for locations and dates.

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If you want to get more information for these events, please visit the appropriate page below:

I will be at several of these events, as will other product leaders and security researchers from our team - so you can interact directly with the experts who are seeing the latest attacks and building the next generation of Akamai Edge Security products. 

Hope to see you there!