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How to get the most out of customer data: New Customer Insights capabilities released

The Akamai Identity Cloud now has new reporting, analytics and visualization tools to help enterprises make sense of high-volume customer data.

Customer identities and the personal data associated with them are among the most valuable assets of any enterprise and crucial for business success. After all, they provide first-hand information about who your customers are, what does and what doesn't resonate with them, what helps or hinders your business's appeal.

Many companies have invested significant budget and resources into their marketing and sales technology stack in order to drive up campaign efficiency and conversion rates. It's a well-known fact that this entire toolchain will only be as good as the data it is being fueled with.

Let Customer Data Fuel Your Action

However, you can't pipe the unfiltered raw data into this machinery and hope it will just run -- just like you wouldn't expect a car or plane to run on crude oil.  In order to turn that data into fuel you need to refine, analyze and understand what's in your customer data, draw conclusions and break it down to what matters.

Customer Insights is the component of the Akamai Identity Cloud that lets you do exactly that; today, we are releasing a major update of this capability. Customer Insights provides reporting, analytics and visualization tools that transform vast amounts of customer data into digestible and actionable information.

Our new release makes it really easy for organizations to create their own reports, charts and dashboards, which will then be updated with your customer data in near real-time. And you don't need to be a database wizard to do so (but if you are, more power to you!). Among the main improvements of our update are a brand new user interface and visualization engine that are easy to use and give you instant access to all the fields in your data. We are also providing new pre-configured, out-of-the-box dashboards that allow you to get started immediately.

View, Analyze and Visualize Everything From Everywhere

These new customer data analytics tools bring all of your data together in one place, across all of your business units and all of the regions you operate in. They provide one central view across all your channels, applications and other touchpoints you use to engage with your consumers, including web, mobile, and devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT).

Starting out with this cohesive view you can slice and dice your data into more useful segments, for example by regional, social, demographic, or psychographic criteria. You can see correlations that were not visible before or create dashboards that measure and visually display KPIs for specific campaigns.

We wanted Customer Insights to be a tool that can help you gain a 360-degree view of your customer journeys. That's why we have added the capability to match anonymous site visitors with the profiles of registered users, so you get an understanding of what engagement points influenced a visitor's decision to sign up and a complete view of their journey.

Protect and Monitor Your Identity Data and Systems

Customer Insights is not just useful for business-related analytics. It also provides analytics for IT, DevOps, and security organizations. They can get real-time reports and dashboards of the health, usage, and performance status of the Akamai Identity Cloud. The tracking of metrics like login events can help identify abnormal or malicious trends in activity and detect and prevent fraud attempts or attacks. Customer Identity allows to define triggers to send real-time alerts.

If your organization already runs an analytics solution (like Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics, IBM Customer Experience Analytics, Kissmetrics, or Webtrends) you can of course continue to use that: Customer Insights allows for seamless integration. And if not, chances are Akamai Customer Insights is all you need to make sense of your customer data and improve your business.

Customer Insights is available as a part of Akamai Identity Cloud. Existing clients should contact their Customer Success Manager to obtain access to and training for this new generation of Customer Insights.