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Carriers providing value-added services need to protect both their network infrastructure and their end-customers from internet threats. New threats are constantly emerging but remodeling your security architecture to address each new threat may leave gaps in your security coverage.  Bolting-on third party products to fill gaps isolates your core architecture from change but creates complexity and management challenges such as multiple operating consoles and data integration barriers.  Are carriers fighting a losing battle?

Akamai has good news here.  Akamai solves this problem by enabling carriers to deploy secure DNS network  infrastructure and provide native security as part of every business or consumer internet service. Akamai solutions are designed from the ground up with essential security capabilities for consumers and businesses.  Our solutions are architected using the principle that security cannot be an afterthought.  If security is architected into the carrier's network using Akamai's advanced security features and content controls, carriers reduce the risk to their subscribers compared to fast and affordable networks without value-add-security services.  Why settle for "Fast and Cheap" when "Fast, Safe and Cheap" is available?

What good are security features if customers don't or can't use them?  Every car comes with seat belts yet millions don't buckle up on every trip.  Every business has door locks yet every day police and criminals find doors left open.  Imagine a small business having to depend on employees, customers and devices to secure their individual internet connections?  

Akamai has more good news. Our solutions are built on DNS.  Akamai extends DNS to protect networks and subscribers against cybersecurity threats and inappropriate content by checking DNS queries for safety and adherence to policy before resolving an individual hostname into an IP address.  Because every internet connection starts with DNS, our security is always in place.  When it comes to end-user behavior, think of DNS as an air bag not a seat belt. No need for the end user to install software on laptops, mobile phones or IOT devices like point of sales systems.  No need to count on employees or families to have a perfect record of not clicking on phishing links.  No need to install third party security devices.  Even if you could bolt on additional security products, small businesses and consumers don't have the resources and expertise to do so.

Carriers find ransomware and malware attacks are showing the highest growth rates among internet-based threats.  Since most ransomware attacks use DNS, Akamai solutions detect most of these fast changing, dynamic threats within minutes keeping subscribers and devices secure.  There's no need to wait for protection until traditional security product vendors create antivirus signatures for each new malware variation.  

Many network-based attacks on carrier's infrastructure also use DNS.  Akamai provides a DNS-based, carrier-grade cybersecurity application that protects your network and subscribers against DDoS, DNS tunneling, botnets and more.  Whether the network is fixed, mobile or converged, carriers and their end-customer are protected with essential security from Akamai's DNS based solutions.

When carriers focus on an underlying architecture that's secure by design, security and value-added services can pay off.   

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