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Boost productivity of your DevOps teams and deliver superior digital experiences with Akamai Cloud Delivery Platform - Part 3

In the first and second  part of this blog series, we discussed the challenges associated with cloud adoption and how you can leverage Akamai Cloud Delivery Platform, the world's largest and most trusted cloud delivery platform, to achieve the scalability, availability, reliability, security and performance needed to deliver superior digital experiences and maximize customer engagement and revenue.

There is another trend in the market that promises similar benefits as cloud adoption and that is DevOps. In the past few years, there has been a tremendous increase in the adoption of DevOps processes in software development.  Businesses are adopting DevOps practices for reduced time to market, agility and better collaboration between teams (business, operations, development). Continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) of application code and configurations is at the heart of DevOps, providing the nimbleness needed to rapidly deploy new code and faster resolution of bugs and defects.

So it is no surprise that cloud adoption and devops strategies go hand in hand to deliver differentiated digital experiences to delight customers, sharpen competitive edge and boost revenue.

Similar to cloud adoption, there are challenges associated with DevOps. It is common for DevOps teams to use multiple tools and to maintain the agility, it is important that new tools and solutions do not introduce any friction to existing workflows.

The Akamai Cloud Delivery Platform fits seamlessly into your established DevOps processes by providing tools, integrators and plugins to connect and integrate the platform into your automation workflows.  

With industry standard tools such as Jenkins, you can programmatically manage configurations for your digital properties and deploy them like any other entities in your CI/CD pipeline. This empowers your DevOps teams to integrate Akamai Cloud Delivery Platform into their existing workflows without any disruptions.

It is very common for DevOps team to use multiple configuration tools. The platform boosts the productivity of your development teams by seamlessly connecting to all their favorite tools such as Varnish, Terraform, WordPress and SIEM (Splunk, CEF Syslog). For example, the Varnish connector enables your teams to automatically propagate their changes on Varnish cache servers to Akamai Cloud Delivery Platform, thus saving time and increasing productivity.

In today's always-on business environment, a world-class digital experience is the best way to win customers, increase revenue and set yourself apart from the competition. But the job of turning ideas into reality is complex and leaves little room for error.

The Akamai Cloud Platform reduces risks in cloud adoption and seamlessly integrates with your DevOps workflows to provide agility and faster time to market. This allows you to focus on creating the differentiated digital experiences and you can rely on the Akamai Cloud Delivery Platform to deliver your digital experiences to your customers quickly, reliably and securely.