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Akamai Prioritizes People Safety and Continuity of Service during Hurricane Irma

Written by Mani Sundaram, SVP Global Services & Support; Francis Trentley, VP Security Services & Support; Roger Barrango, Director Global Security Operations.

Hurricane Irma affected millions this week. As always here at Akamai, taking care of people comes first, and the wellbeing of our team was the foremost priority. Akamai had both personnel and facilities in the storm path and operated with an abundance of caution to ensure the safety of our people as well as continued continuity of operations for our customers.

Akamai operates with multiple redundant SOCCs in both the US and other geographic regions to ensure adequate staff and support during potentially operation-interrupting events. In this case, as part of a DCP protocol, teams in Florida relocated to unaffected areas in anticipation of the storm, and with support from other SOCC locations were able to continue fully functional managed security services to our customers around the globe.

Akamai continually monitored the location and safety of employees and their families throughout the weather event and has confirmed that everyone in the affected area made it through the storm safely. Thanks to Akamai's thorough pre-planning for unexpected events (including weather), customer support was unaffected by Hurricane Irma.


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