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TalkTalk Receives #1 Rating in the UK for Fibre Broadband Response Times

Congratulations to TalkTalk, who were just named the number one provider in the UK for Fibre Broadband response times by the SamKnows industry benchmark. How did they accomplish this? With the support of Nominum's, now part of Akamai, carrier-class DNS software solution, CacheServe.

TalkTalk selected Nominum to replace its previous DNS solution and improve the performance and reliability of its network. In the past few months since the deployment was complete, TalkTalk has seen dramatic increases in its network performance as evidenced by the latest SamKnows ranking.

With millions of broadband subscribers throughout the UK, TalkTalk processes nearly 52 billion DNS queries on its network every day. To ensure satisfaction of its customers, delivering a fast, reliable internet is a huge priority. As TalkTalk explains on their website:

"Demand for information is higher than ever, placing more pressure on networks... One way that we are ensuring TalkTalk Business network performs as efficiently as possible in this demanding environment is by investing in our domain name system (DNS). Speeding up this process means web pages can be delivered to users faster, greatly improving the overall browsing experience. That's why we recently invested in a better way of doing this with a DNS solution that uses the virtualized software at the edge of the network.

"The result? Our customers can get responses up to twice as fast as before. That's why the SamKnows industry benchmark places us as the number one provider in the country for Fibre Broadband response times. Add into this other features such as load balancing, which ensures businesses get the best performance even at peak times, and heightened DNS protection that secures your service from common threats, and you won't just have a smoother experience, but a smarter and more reliable one."

With Vantio CacheServe in place, TalkTalk is now offering business and residential customers a better, more reliable internet experience at no extra cost because, as they explain in this short video, "faster, intelligent, reliable connectivity matters."

There is much more to come in the next couple of months. For now, as a proud partner of Talk Talk, Nominum is thrilled to be involved in their long-term strategy of delivering the internet to customers in the safest, most reliable and efficient way possible.