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Girls Who Code Week 2: Let the Coding Begin!!

The Akamai-sponsored Girls Who Code program is well under way! Week 2 featured lots of activity in the Girls Who Code classroom at Akamai's Cambridge, MA headquarters.

The girls learned to use Scratch, a visual programming language that was developed at MIT to help people learn to code. They used Scratch to create a paddle-ball game and a side-scroller game. This included the use of functions, parameters, user input, conditionals, and cloning to create their games. With these building blocks in place, the girls will continue to learn about more complex computing concepts as they progress through the program.

Next week, the class is looking forward to a field trip to Watson Health, as well as meeting the interns at Akamai who will be helping to mentor and support the girls through the rest of their time in the immersion program. Stay tuned for updates on their continuing adventures!


Great idea for all students who learn code . good joob !

Wow ! Now that is one great news.
There is no doubt that girls can do wonders with coding.

Hats off to Akamai for such a wonderful initiative :)

Thank you John! We are super excited about it.