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Superior and safe user experiences with the Akamai Cloud Delivery Platform

Your customers are unique and they all expect fast, secure, personalized digital experiences. They are spread across the world, in regions of varying network connectivity, utilize a plethora of devices and screen sizes - making it challenging to deliver your experiences.

By delivering 95 Exabytes of data over billions of devices every year, Akamai provides the world's largest and most trusted cloud delivery platform that empowers you to provide fast, secure, scalable and reliable experiences. It is the only platform that seamlessly integrates web and mobile performance, cloud security, enterprise access and video delivery solutions helping you deliver consistent superior experiences no matter where the customers are and what device they are using.

Superior Web, Mobile and Video experiences

Slow is the new down - 53% of people abandon a site that takes over 3 seconds to load.

Don't let the Internet slow down your business. The platform utilizes machine learning to get the content to users quickly by automatically routing traffic via the most optimal paths and avoiding Internet congestion points. By leveraging a distributed network of more than 200,000 servers in over 130 countries, the platform pushes digital content as close as possible to your users thus ensuring that content is available to them at every single second.

It gets you ready for the eventuality of all secure web by quickly delivering HTTPS traffic and boosts performance effortlessly by enabling IPv6 and HTTP/2. The platform continuously monitors real time customer data, enables you to draw insights for rapid optimizations and validate the impact of optimizations on your revenue generation engines.

Security - Simple yet Superior

Online threat landscape is changing constantly and the costs of security failure are growing exponentially. Data breaches alone are projected to cost businesses $2.1 trillion by 2019.

The Akamai Cloud Delivery Platform secures your websites, mobile infrastructure, and API-driven requests without compromising on user experience. By delivering over 46 Tbps traffic, the platform can easily thwart the largest DDoS and web application attacks. It is constantly evolving, by analyzing billions of bot requests and IP addresses, it gives you the power to quickly negate the impact of bad bots and malicious addresses.

Dedicated support around the clock

We have a dedicated team of 1,600 experts whose sole mission is to delight and serve Akamai customers. The experts are standing by 24/7, every day of the year to help you mitigate unexpected DDoS attacks or any performance issues. We augment our human expertise with a vast repository of online documentation and resources, as well as a vibrant community of peer experts.

Trusted by the best

Our commitment to security and performance is the reason why the Akamai Cloud Delivery Platform is trusted by

  • Top 20 e-commerce sites

  • 8 of the top 10 financial technology companies

  • 29 out of the top 30 media and entertainment companies

  • 9 of the 10 largest newspapers

Cloud adoption with a trusted partner

Cloud is a strategic focus area for companies. But public cloud providers focus on availability of your applications and may not provide the performance and security needed for superior user experiences.  Akamai Cloud Delivery Platform seamlessly integrates with all public cloud providers, enabling you to deliver fast, secure and reliable experiences to users worldwide on any device.

Zero friction with your workflows

The Akamai Cloud Delivery Platform fits into your established workflows. SIEM Integration (Splunk, CEF Syslog) and Akamai Connector for Varnish make your teams more productive and efficient by seamlessly integrating with your existing tools and processes. Built for modern architectures, it provides developer friendly tools,  full customizability through SDKs and APIs for CI/CD and Application Development use cases.

Securing the internet of everything

Connected devices already outnumber people on Earth two-to-one, and their number could increase to 50 billion by 2020. Future proof your IoT strategy with Akamai Cloud Delivery Platform. We not only provide capacity and performance to handle data movement, but also provide robust security to mitigate any cyber attacks.