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Comey testimony generates massive interest, massive traffic

Online viewers of former FBI Director James Comey's live testimony last week generated a massive peak of 2.5 Tbps of live streaming video traffic on the Akamai platform, despite the hearing occurring in the middle of the work week, in the middle of the work day.

Comey Testimony Generates Massive Interest, Massive Traffic.png

To put this in perspective, that 2.5 Tbps represents 57% of the 4.4 Tbps peak we delivered during the first U.S. presidential debate in September 2016. Both measurements are from a similar basket of broadcasters we were tracking during this fall's U.S. presidential election.

According to Matt McKenna, the Akamai Service Line Manager who oversaw support during the testimony, yesterday's peak represented anywhere from a 3-7x increase over typical non-event day traffic peaks.

Matt notes, "People at work don't have access to their 50-inch cable-connected TVs and are relying on OTT for their consumption.  This just continues a pattern we've seen with daytime peaks set during the Rio Games and the US presidential inauguration. We fully expect to see more records being broken."