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Delivering a Safe, Reliable Internet to Canadians

The Domain Name System - the DNS - is the foundation of the internet. Beyond connecting IP addresses with web requests, DNS provides the basis for both the detection of and protection from global cyberthreats before they reach an organization's corporate network resources --particularly given that more than 90% of malware uses DNS for command and control. This presents a tremendous opportunity for service providers to utilize their DNS infrastructure to provide security services to their business customers, which have a tremendous need for stronger, more proactive cyber protection.

DNS plays a critical role in the present-day layered security design known as "defense in depth," referring to the fact that no single solution addresses all exploits, so multiple approaches to cyber defense are needed. In today's threat environment, where organizations and individuals are increasingly targeted with fast-changing exploits that use advanced methods to avoid detection, using traditional security layers in silos (e.g. cloud, network, data and endpoint protection solutions) simply does not provide adequate protection.

Recently, we at CIRA (the Canadian Internet Authority) teamed up with Nominum to deliver a new cloud-based DNS firewall to protect Canadian organizations from malicious threats like ransomware, IoT-based attacks, phishing and other malware. As the manager of the .CA domain on behalf of Canadians, providing an enhanced, secure DNS solution to businesses, government agencies and ISPs in our region is a natural fit with the internet and DNS services we offer. It also enables us to provide the business community with the type of cybersecurity small and mid-sized organizations need, at a price they can afford and which requires little to no maintenance on their part.

Putting Nominum Technology at the heart of our Canada-first firewall solution
According to Gartner Research, worldwide spending on information security will reach over $117 billion in 2019. Consequently, the growth in cyberattacks is particularly fueled by increased adoption of cloud, mobility, IoT and digitization. According to a report from Kaspersky Labs, the number of ransomware-based attacks on the corporate sector increased six-fold in 2015-2016 over the 2014-2015 time period.

The CIRA D-Zone DNS Firewall is powered by Nominum's industry-leading DNS technology and dynamic cyberthreat feeds - what our own due diligence has found to be the best and most comprehensive in the industry. As the video below illustrates, our D-Zone DNS Firewall offers unique selling points for SMBs.

Since we began piloting the solution, interest from our own customers has far exceeded expectations, and we are seeing significant demand throughout the region at a pace which is sure to accelerate. The more we can do to protect the DNS in Canada, the better we can deliver the safe, secure, and stable internet services that enable organizations to flourish.