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There is no inside...

I recently spent time with Joe DeFelice. Joe is a Sr. Director Enterprise Security & Infrastructure Engineering here at Akamai. He is responsible for IT risk and security, Akamai infrastructure architecture and engineering (network, voice, video, platform, messaging, etc.), as well as our Akamai On Akamai initiative, which is a program built around sipping our own champagne or how we can best utilize Akamai products in the enterprise.

As part of that conversation Joe highlighted a few of the major initiatives that the team are working on. In particular he highlighted some bold goals around the elimination of:

  1. The VPN

  2. Passwords

  3. Advanced enterprise threats

He also highlighted a core set defining principles associated with these initiatives.

In particular how he needs to plan for the fact that the enterprise of the future likely isn't defined by office buildings and the enterprise network. It will be defined by end-users and applications since ultimately there will be no inside. He also elaborated on the impact of mobility, the principle of least privilege, and how all networks and users are inherently untrusted.

On the mobility front he is planning for a world where every enterprise application at Akamai should seem like a SaaS app to the end-user. In other words accessible in a browser on any device, from anywhere.

If you want to understand how Joe and team are tackling these major initiatives, particularly around eliminating the VPN and SaaSifying all enterprise apps, check out the video below.