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Overcome persistent obstacles to ensure a stellar viewer experience

It's a fact: if you can't give your viewers the quality they expect, they'll take their eyeballs elsewhere.

Usually in less than two seconds.

That's why you'll want to pay particular attention to your network architecture. All those servers, connections, and delivery mechanisms can make the crucial difference between optimal quality and a lousy stream.

So, how do you get it right?

The key is overcoming several obstacles in your way: like media servers being too far from the viewer. Or insufficient delivery capacity that can't keep pace with big online events.

Likewise, if your network doesn't have the resiliency you need, then you're sunk whenever a big crowd shows up. There's also network congestion, which prevents timely media delivery. Or reliability problems. Or being unable to adjust to ever-faster viewer connection speeds.

That's a lot to overcome.

Happily, the solution in all of these cases is to choose the right Content Delivery Network (CDN).

For live events, you'll need a partner that can provide value-added expertise in the crucial planning phase, so you can meet any playback standard or scalability challenge. For linear, the ability to set up live 24x7 channels over the internet that are approaching the same reliability and quality as TV. And for on-demand, you'll need to deliver the highest quality to a global audience with 100% uptime.

That said, even the highest-quality CDNs are subject to internet realities such as latency, congestion, and packet loss.

One of the most important criteria to keep in mind is the number of Points of Presence (POPs) on the CDN network. You'll need a broadly deployed network of edge servers working on your behalf, with enough global POPs to give you the scalability and resiliency you need. 

You'll also need to seek out a CDN vendor that has partnerships with the world's leading service providers, so its edge servers are located deep within provider networks. These edge servers are closer to your audience to deliver low latency and high quality.

Then, and only then, will you be on your way to the end-to-end reliability that delivers an outstanding viewer experience.

Many obstacles?


A simple way to address them to keep your audience engaged?

Happily, also yes.

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