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How the cloud streamlines video workflows

Rock, meet hard place.

On the one side, sophisticated audiences are watching more video online and demand ever-higher quality. On the other, your challenge to simply deliver - keeping in mind scalability, workflow complexity, and cost.  

I know how you feel.

Fortunately, most content providers have found an effective and cost-effective way to meet both challenges at the same time.

It's called the cloud.

Moving to the cloud lets you outsource workflow complexity. Scale infrastructure on demand. And secure pay-as-you-go access to computing, storage, and delivery resources. This reduces your up-front CAPEX and ongoing expenses.

The cloud is not entirely new to content providers. Many use it already to deliver video to a global audience. Now, however, they're moving other elements of their workflow to the cloud--such as storage and transcoding.

And why not? Doing so puts scalable, high-performance transcoding resources to work for you on demand. Cloud-based transcoding also lets you keep pace with today's dizzying proliferation of codecs, screen sizes, bit rates, formats, and whatever new mobile platform may come out.

It's all just a keystroke away.

Moving your transcoding to the cloud also lets you do all of this from a single source content file. This means you can get to market more quickly and simplify your content management - all without compromising quality.

Cloud storage also holds special appeal, as it lets you outsource the tedium of storing, moving, and managing your endless array of files and file sizes.

Of course, no solution is without its doubters. There was a time when security concerns dissuaded content providers from moving their workflows to the cloud. However, leading providers have in recent years introduced advances that mitigate this risk to ensure a secure end-to-end workflow.

Clearly, moving to the cloud is not an all-or-nothing proposition. It's a means for delineating which elements of your workflow you'd like to keep in-house, and which are best assigned to an outside resource who helps you streamline operations and reduce day-to-day job pressures.

With the cloud, you can find your happy place between that rock and the hard place.

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