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Canadian Internet Registry Authority (CIRA) Protects Business and Public Sector Users with Nominum, now part of Akamai

With cyberthreats increasing in size and scope, businesses are scrambling to find new ways to protect their financial and human capital assets. Many enterprise solutions offer endpoint protection and network security, but the SMB sector doesn't have the budget to deploy enterprise security solutions and typically lacks the in-house expertise to keep their networks and users adequately protected. In particular, as employees bring mobile devices onto corporate networks, and with new attack variants being introduced almost daily, small and mid-sized businesses have no way of keeping up. This is where communications service providers (CSPs) can step in to provide a broad layer of protection, visibility, and control from within their own networks.

The Canadian Internet Registry Authority (CIRA) is one example. CIRA, manager of the .ca domain on behalf of Canada, is taking steps to protect their business and public sector customers from emerging cyberthreats like ransomware, IoT-based attacks, and phishing schemes, by providing an enhanced secure DNS offering through Nominum's, now part of Akamai, cloud-based security solutions. CIRA's internet security offering will be available to business customers throughout Canada, including small and large enterprises, government agencies and educational institutions.

CIRA's new internet security solution powered by Nominum comes at a perfect time. According to Gartner Research, the growth in cyberattacks is being fueled by the increased adoption of cloud, mobility, IoT, and digitization, and worldwide spending on information security will reach over $117 billion in 2019. Additionally, Kaspersky Labs found that the number of ransomware-based attacks on the corporate sector increased six-fold in 2015-2016 over the 2014-2015 time period.

With Nominum cloud-based security solutions, CSPs can protect businesses and their customers, employees and all internet connected devices from phishing, viruses, spyware, ransomware and other malware. Fine-tuned content filtering capabilities and real-time database updates that block inappropriate and malicious content are combined with Nominum Data Science, which analyzes 100 billion DNS queries daily to avert cyberthreats, to provide businesses with an added layer of protection that can keep the costliest and most malicious cyberthreats at bay.