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Keeping an Eye on Credential Abuse Attacks

Akamai Edge conference is here and I'm really excited to share some of my insights and thoughts about credential abuse attacks in my session "Akamai Threat Research into Credentials Abuse".

Credential abuse attacks become a common disturbing threat in recent years, a successful credential abuse attack campaign can result with a potential damage that include losing access and control over the accounts, data breach and even fraudulent transactions.

Many of the accounts being abused are compromised account, the result of information breach in vulnerable web applications. The problem starts once visitors to highly-secured web applications create login credentials and then recycle those credentials to access another potentially vulnerable web application.

In this session I will present the latest Akamai's research on credential abuse malicious activity that shades a new light on credential abuse attack campaigns characteristics. The research reveals the techniques that are being used and what make those campaigns difficult to detect over long periods of time. In addition, I will show how data intelligence analysis and anti-automation techniques can become a powerful solution for mitigating such attacks.

Hope to see you there.