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Analyst Edge Presentation: Robert Mahowald, IDC - Cloud Software

One of the sessions at the upcoming Akamai Edge Conference 2016 will be 'Exploring User Expectations for Business Critical SaaS Applications'. This session will be hosted by Robert Mahowald; Group Vice President at IDC who leads IDC's worldwide application and cloud services practices. Robert will share findings key insights from the recent Akamai sponsored IDC 2016 SaaS User Requirements survey. We caught up with Robert recently to learn more about the survey and what he would be sharing with Edge attendees.

What can you tell us about the recent survey?

In mid-2016 IDC surveyed over 11,000 cloud-using organizations in 31 countries. The objective of the survey was to better understand how organizations are using cloud and SaaS applications. We asked specifically about the benefits, inhibitors and key attributes that respondents considered being most important when moving mission critical applications to the cloud.

How rapidly is SaaS growing relative to the traditional software market?

SaaS is growing very fast. IDC has been researching the cloud and SaaS markets for a number of years. Our research indicates that the cloud software market is over $50 billion in revenue and is growing at a 24% rate. SaaS delivery growth will significantly outpace traditional software products delivery, growing nearly five times faster than the traditional software market. IDC forecasts that by 2019 the cloud software model will account for $1 of every $3.65 spent on software.

What were the most important things that you learned from the survey?

We learned a great deal! Most importantly, we found that while many organizations have a cloud-first posture and that there is widespread agreement that SaaS applications offer the best and most reliable environment for mission-critical applications, there are technology concerns that continue to inhibit or limit SaaS adoption.  For example, our survey found that over 80% of SaaS customers consider security and performance to be adoption inhibitors to mission critical applications.

How does a SaaS provider address this challenge?

We found that organizations view security and performance as both a challenge but also as and a potential benefit if their provider can solve this problem. SaaS providers - a number of whom will be at Edge - need to educate customers and developers on the ways that cloud software solutions protect them from current and future threats to security, compliance and performance.

What guidance that you will be sharing with Edge attendees?

We'll discuss that as an increasing number of applications move to public and private cloud environments, combined with the fact that internet-enabled threats are constantly changing and growing in sophistication, both SaaS and PaaS providers need to be able to not only protect customers but to do so in a way that does not impact performance.

Thanks Robert, we look forward to seeing you at Edge!