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Akamai acquires enterprise secure access innovator Soha Systems

Providing employees with secure access to enterprise applications deployed behind the firewall is a core requirement for all businesses. Increasingly, businesses must also deal with delivering third-party access to critical applications whether hosted in the public cloud or a private data center.

Enabling secure access to enterprise applications can be a complex and cumbersome task requiring on premises hardware and systems, such as Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs), Virtual Private Network (VPN) appliances, identity management systems and application monitoring solutions.

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Yet, with all of these technologies in use, enterprises can still be exposed to a variety of security risks, such as lateral movement across the enterprise network. Access to enterprise applications via the Internet on employee and third-party devices that are not entirely controlled by the enterprise further increases risk and operational complexity.

Lornz 2.pngBottom line - Today, third party remote access is generally complex, cumbersome and dangerous.

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In many ways, the traditional enterprise model is 'turning inside out' with applications, employees and data moving to the cloud, well outside of the enterprise's traditional zone of control. At the same time, security and IT teams remain responsible for ensuring visibility, security and performance.

Through its acquisition of Soha - named one of Gartner's Cool Vendors in Cloud and Emerging Technology, Security, 2016 - Akamai plans to extend its portfolio of Cloud Networking Solutions.

By offering businesses secure, cloud-based application access control, Akamai aims to simplify and improve remote and mobile access to enterprise resources, while at the same time minimize the exposed attack surface.

Bottom line - Simple, secure application specific remote access with Akamai.

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The company believes that Soha's secure access technology will be instrumental to Akamai's goal of bringing these new capabilities to market in 2016.

Learn more at http://soha.io/ and Akamai Acquires Soha Systems - SOHA.  

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