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The Easiest way to Improve the User Experience

I had an interesting conversation with a former Akamai banking customer this week about his past experience with Akamai. He is now an independent consultant, working with banks on digital transformation and other projects.

Here is his story, not word for word, but close enough to convey his message:

"Years ago when I was the executive in charge of our cash management system at [a top 10 US Bank], I would sometimes listen to customer support calls to hear first-hand the problems they were having. On one call, the woman on the other end of the line was in tears. She was not going to be able to pick up her kids in time at daycare. She was nearly hysterical. 
'Your system is so slow that it's taking me forever to process these items. Each screen is taking a long time, and I have 50 of these items to do before I can leave the office. I have no one else that can pick up my kids and I am going to be late. I don't know what to do.'
"We did what we could to help her at the time, and did the right thing in following up with a nice gift basket. But from that point on, I told our developers that all of our screens had to be under 3 seconds.
'When we turned on Akamai, we saw an immediate impact on our performance. It was amazing. I spoke with customers afterward, and they asked what we did to our system to speed it up. They noticed!"
"Out of all the things we ever did, and out of all the investments we ever made to improve our user experience, Akamai was by far the easiest thing we did to dramatically improve the user experience."

This is very much a back to basics story: performance matters.

For those of you that have experienced the excitement of turning on Akamai for your web sites, you know first-hand the thrill of seeing an immediate improvement in performance. I can recall that moment very clearly eight years ago when I was a customer, watching the DNS CNAME record propagate across the globe, refreshing the Gomez scatterplot, and watching the huge performance improvement. There was no turning back...

Give us a call, and let us help show you the easiest way to dramatically improve your user experience!

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Awesome. Really helpful. I implemented all the points and got really good results. Thanks