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Lights, Camera, Action! - a journey with your Cloud Co-Pilot, part 4

Your cloud-hosted workloads are your "main event". They are your commerce website, your CRM application, your collaboration tools, your partner portal, your corporate website, etc - the engines that drive your business and enable your organization to connect, collaborate, and transact business across a broad group of employees, customers, partners, suppliers, and more. Unlike the making of a motion picture, where you can rehearse and do as many re-takes as needed, your cloud-hosted workloads need to be up-and-running 24 x 7 x 365. Downtime is not an option for your end-users. When operating in the cloud, this is easier said than done. The availability of the IaaS/PaaS services are completely out of your control. So how do you ensure your workloads stay online, even when your cloud provider goes down?

In this short video Jason and I will explore some of the top considerations related to designing for high availability when operating in the Cloud.

As a follow-up to the video above, in this short video Jason describes his personal experiencing working with Akamai to overcome the availability challenges he has experienced when operating in the Cloud.

For more best practices and insights, you can watch my entire interview with JasonTo learn more about how Akamai can power your Cloud environments, go to Akamai.com/Cloud

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