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Just another blog post about Cloud Computing... - a journey with your Cloud Co-Pilot, part 1

Or is it?! Do you feel burnt out on hearing from vendors who don't have any new or interesting perspectives to share on the seemingly overplayed topic of Cloud? As a former IT Manager myself, I feel you. That's why I sought out an expert, Jason Fuller, to share his insights and best practices for designing cloud architectures. I wanted to get an unbiased perspective from a guy who has the battle scars to show for his many ups-and-downs as an IT executive managing mission critical cloud environments for large global enterprises.

In this short video series Jason and I bat-around various Cloud-related topics such as Cloud Security, High Availability, and Performance SLAs. We hope you will find the insights enjoyable, informative, and that they leave you with actionable insights you can bring back to your own Cloud programs today.


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