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Can you see me now?! - a journey with your Cloud Co-Pilot, part 2

In the words of the great Peter Drucker "if you can't measure it, you can't manage it". This is especially true when it comes to managing performance in the Cloud. Most organizations rely on the standard performance monitor tooling that is offered by their Cloud Provider, which only provides basic insights into the health of the infrastructure within the data center. But what about what's happening outside the data center? Do you have complete end-to-end visibility into all your actual users and the performance they are experiencing? And then how do you optimize the experience for your end-users?

In this short video Jason and I will explore some of the top considerations related to monitoring and optimizing performance when operating in the Cloud.

As a follow-up to the video above, in this short video Jason describes his personal experiencing working with Akamai to overcome the performance challenges he has experienced when operating in the Cloud.

For more best practices and insights, you can watch my entire interview with JasonTo learn more about how Akamai can power your Cloud environments, go to Akamai.com/Cloud.

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