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Rio Video Streaming Tops London & Sochi Total in just Eight Days

There's been a ton of great action from Rio already, and as expected digital viewing is sprinting ahead, setting new records. Here at Akamai, we're supporting the streaming efforts of over 50 different broadcasters and partners with rights to the games, so we have relatively unique insights into viewership. In fact, we've already broken a couple of records ourselves: In just the first three days of Rio, Akamai delivered more video traffic than for all 17 days of London in 2012. Just two days later, we exceeded the total for Sochi in 2014; and three days after that we topped London and Sochi combined.

Of course, at Akamai we're not surprised by any of this. Last week I explained why Rio would have the greatest number of viewers watching digitally, consuming the most amount of content, across the widest variety of devices. The big enablers include a wide variety of streaming options, robust broadband connectivity, the proliferation of mobile and connected TV devices, social coverage and immersive experiences. Of course the favorable time zone in many instances helps build excitement to view the competition live.

Overall, Akamai streaming video at average bit rates that are exceeding previous games by 3X. No surprise, the highest traffic peak so far was driven by women's team gymnastics, which exceeded 4 Tbps and 1.4M simultaneous viewers. The men's soccer game between South Korea and Germany was also strong, as well as the Japanese men's team gymnastics win, both of which delivered 1+ million viewers.

Stay tuned for more coverage of the online games as we continue to track consumption trends over the remainder of the competitions.