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Is A Picture Really Worth A Thousand Words?

"Judging by the current explosive growth of images on the Internet, a picture may be worth much more than a thousand words," wrote Jason Miller, our Chief Strategist of Commerce, in his recent article - Is A Picture Really Worth A Thousand Words - published in Innovative Retail Technologies.

For retailers, images are the first thing that grabs a shopper's attention, driving that first impression of the brand and the products.  Being able to provide consumers with high-quality and engaging product images - with multiple and alternate views and zooms -  is one of the key ways to increase conversions.  However, with the increase in the proliferation and sizes of images and the increasing use of mobile devices to download images, these factors have caused many different headaches for retailers and strained their digital asset management solutions.

In this article, Jason discusses how these factors can complicate image management compared to what many retailers have done in the past with a desktop only implementation.  He also provides some tips and features that retailers should be looking for when researching and implementing an image management solution.  Read the full article here - Is A Picture Really Worth A Thousand Words?