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Why the In-Store Experience Still Matters

While the tactile nature of in-store shopping is nice, what is often missing from the in-store experience is the personalization available online.  Jason Miller, our chief strategist of Commerce, has recently published an article - Why the In-Store Experience Still Matters - on Apparel Magazine to discuss how retailers are finding new ways to personalize the in-store shopping experience.

In this article, Jason interviewed Nadia Shouraboura, CEO of Hointer to talk about the new technologies that her company is piloting to help some of the major retailers in this area.  For example, by utilizing Hointer's technology, major retailers are piloting in-store technologies to replace racks of apparel with elegant showrooms and efficient micro warehouses in the backs of their stores. Instead of carrying items throughout the store, customers use mobile phones or small IoT devices, called Magic Wands to select the items, which appear in under 30 seconds in their fitting rooms or checkout counters.

To read the full article and to learn more about how retailers can navigate the challenges of in-store shopping and continue to innovate and improve across all channels, visit this link - Why the In-Store Experience Still Matters.