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What's in a Name? Leveraging DNS to Personalize Services

In his latest white paper, "Innovation in Communication Services: Breaking with the Past without Waiting for the Future," Patrick Donegan of Heavy Reading discusses a key aspect of digital transformation: the ability to offer innovative services that enhance the subscriber experience. More specifically, he discusses the need for personalized services--as well as why DNS technology is an ideal way to achieve personalization in new service offerings.

Across many vertical industries--like online banking, e-commerce and digital content--consumers have a desire to be recognized instantly when they enter the particular site or channel they're visiting. It's similar to being greeted by name at your favorite restaurant or local retail shop, or having the barista at Starbucks know your order right when you walk up to the counter.

The same is true for telecommunications. When subscribers visit their service provider's website or online portal, they want to be known and understood right away. While this may seem a daunting IT undertaking, the good news is that the technology to enable this level of personalization already exists within service providers' network infrastructures: with the Domain Name System (DNS).

Commercial DNS offers communication service providers (CSPs) a cost-effective way to gain powerful insights into their subscribers' online behavior, which can be leveraged to offer new value-added services they'd likely be interested in, and to send personalized notifications of cybersecurity activities and important account information like service outages, upcoming bill payment events or approaching bandwidth limits. 


Customer Data Fuels Personalization

As addressed in a recent report from PWC's Strategy& titled "Becoming a Digital Telecom: Be Bold, Move Fast," a telecom operator's "marketing strategy will need to make use of 'big data' and powerful analytics engines to develop individual insights about each customer, and then use that information to create targeted advertising campaigns and recommendations, personalized products and services, and cross- and upselling opportunities" in order to be successful. The report also states: "Leveraging big-data techniques can allow operators to understand at a very granular level the quality and coverage issues of their customers and to provide them with custom messages adjusted to their value to the operator and for specific situations."

This is where DNS' muscle offers a big advantage. CSPs don't need to invest in big data platforms or systems to get this type of knowledge about subscribers--they already have access to the data through DNS. Because it powers virtually every web site, service and application request made, DNS is perfectly suited to gain granular insights about subscribers and other members of their households, and can also be leveraged to deliver personalized applications like parental controls, subscriber safety and security, and in-browser messaging to create the optimal online experience. All of this adds up to greater subscriber loyalty and higher ARPU--without significant investment in additional technology.

Patrick and I recently sat down with other Nominum executives and discussed this topic in a short video, which you can find here.


Digital transformation is no small undertaking but with the right approach to DNS, the necessary foundation is already in place for CSPs to advance their digital transformation strategies and increase subscriber value, as well as the value in their brand.