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#MobilePerf Blog Series: Mobile Page Speed WILL Impact Your Google Rankings

In my last blog when I kicked off our MobilePerf Blog Series, I talked about mobile Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Google's guidance on how to make your sites mobile friendly. 

Google just announced that they will also factor in your mobile site's page speed when ranking your organization in the mobile friendly search results. 

According to reports on the Search Marketing Summit in Australia, Google's Gary Illyes said that this algorithm change in Google's mobile friendly update can be expected sooner than you might think, as in months instead of years. 

Google has been factoring page speed in their search results since 2010, but up until now, they have not specified mobile pages. In other words, the mobile friendly rankings have been based on desktop webpage performance on mobile devices. Not anymore. Soon your mobile site page speed will be a defining factor as well.

In my last blog, I also listed 4 main categories of mobile challenges:

  • Connectivity Variance
  • Device Diversity
  • Multiple Delivery Platforms (websites and apps)
  • Evolving Businesses

Evolving businesses can be driven by technological advancements (such as the enterprise move to the cloud, web protocol changes with HTTP/2) or consumer trends (such as ever increasing mobile device adoption, digital transformation, the infinite feedback and communication loop of social media). The common denominator is the always connected audience on mobile devices, which is why Google has been pushing mobile as a critical factor in search engine rankings, first with mobile friendliness of your site, very soon with the speed of your mobile pages.

If the end-users, you, me, all of us are forcing web site owners to provide content suitable for mobile devices by using our smartphones and tablets every waking hour, and if tech giants like Google are forcing web site owners to better cater to end-user, us, with content optimized for mobile, then what can web site owners do not only to be mobile friendly, but also mobile fast?

Developing responsive sites or mobile-only websites will not be enough anymore, you have to have mobile fast sites. And you can only reach this goal by optimizing your web performance for mobile in every way possible. Also consider this: as a website owner, you will not be the only one optimizing for mobile performance, your competitors will be as well, because they have to, per Google, and per us as the end-users. So every second counts when satisfying end-user expectations for fast mobile pages, and who can optimize mobile performance the best will win the online visitors.

Stay tuned for the next #MobilePerf Blog Series post