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I want to be where the people are (playing video games)

I've tended to be a bit of a cheap gamer (with appropriate shout outs to my idol and friend Cheapy D). More than looking for great deals on the latest games, I usually just buy LAST YEAR'S amazing games, at a steep discount. Digital distribution, at least on consoles, hasn't caught up to this trend, which means I've been stuck with piles of plastic discs in my house, as a way to take advantage of great prices.

That's not the biggest hassle I face as a result of being cheap. It's the loneliness.

When I wait for a game to hit the bargain bin, it means I'm missing out on the crowds. I'm not a part of the buzz and the discussion going on at launch. While millions of people progress through a 100 hour Fallout campaign in unison, I'm left on the sidelines covering my eyes and ears to avoid spoilers.

I usually like being the only person on a long stretch of beach, and get annoyed when the next early morning visitor plops their towel down near mine. But, when it comes to games, I feel a slight pang of being left out. I want to be playing what everyone else is paying, at the same time.

Funnily enough, this urge to play what your friends are playing proves to be a big driver for players. We launched a study with EEDAR to see what made players tick. Their answers were surprising.