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Client Reputation Monitoring: A Proactive Defense Against Web Attacks

Recently, Dan Shugrue, one of our product marketing directors at Akamai was published in InfoSecurity magazine. His article, Barbarians at the Gate - Shoring Up Web Application Defenses with Client Reputation takes an incisive look at how client reputation monitoring can help bolster web security efforts. Dan argues that as attacks evolve, companies doing business on the web (and who isn't these days)must evolve their strategies for identifying and defending against attacks to be most successful. And a strategy that involves the use of client reputation capabilities to identify bad actors, before they act, is one important strategy to consider.

Dan writes:

In the past two years, several successful malicious attacks against large financial services, government and private sector firms gave a clear indication of the changes occurring in the network security industry. The recent Ponemon Institute Cost of a Data Breach study found the average cost of a data breach to be $3.79 (£2.6) million with average cost per compromised record more than $154 (£105).

As Akamai's Q4 2015 State of the Internet Security Report confirmed, the threat from DDoS and web application attacks is not going away. In fact, in Q4 2015 the number of web application attacks jumped 28% while DDoS attacks increased 40% compared with Q3.

Despite having significant security measures in place, organizations have fallen victim to cyber-attacks. All of the organizations had the traditional, on premise, network security safeguards in place but still lost sensitive intellectual property.

Unfortunately, these attacks demonstrated that reliance on traditional methodologies is not enough to stop the modern threat. While these reactive mechanisms do provide a layer of security, knowing what threats lurk on the internet and protecting critical web infrastructure proactively from those threats can be invaluable.

To read the full article please visit InfoSecurity - Barbarians at the Gate - Shoring Up Web Application Defenses with Client Reputation