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Sports, OTT and the future of live streaming

News broke last week that Twitter had scored the rights to stream 10 NFL games for a reported $10M total. While some are questioning the economics of the deal, it was clear that live streaming of major league sports is a growing opportunity.

Now, instead of Twitter, imagine you're a start up. Imagine you're a start up in video, looking to live stream 30-40 global soccer matches per week to a US and Canadian audience. Since launching in January 2015, fuboTV has become the largest provider of live streamed and on demand football content from leagues all over the world. They built their platform on Akamai and to us, they also represent this growing opportunity.


Live streaming has its own unique challenges, paramount among them is the need to reduce latency so fans watching on one medium don't lag behind fans watching on another. Another is the need for rapid identification of issues in the stream and isolating them to a particular piece of the workflow that can be quickly solved.

And it's increasingly important that those challenges are kept in check. fuboTV is one of more than 75 OTT services competing for consumer attention and dollars in the US alone. Taking quality over the top is one key tool our customers use to maintain their competitive edge.

That's why we'd love to see you at our booth at NAB. As my colleague Alex Balford outlined last week, it's laid out to mimic key components of the OTT workflow that deliver this kind of experience. From camera to consumer screen, a tour of our booth will help you understand how you can instill quality at every stage of your OTT workflow.

You can find us at booth SL3325 in the South Lower Hall. And you can schedule time to meet with our OTT experts by going to www.akamai.com/nab2016.

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