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Akamai's State of the Art Command and Control Center for OTT Broadcasters

If you've ever visited the Akamai Network Operations Command Centers (NOCC) or Security Operations Control Centers (SOCC), you're familiar with Akamai's expansive state-of-the-art nerve centers of data collection.  Every second of every day, the Akamai NOCCs and SOCCs provide customers with a broad breadth of insight into global network conditions and threatening activity, wherever the activity may be occurring.

As Over-The-Top (OTT) video delivery continues to grow, with Live/Linear broadcast content rapidly moving to OTT delivery, and 231 million installed devices expected to be connected to the Internet by 2018* Akamai is prepared to meet these emerging demands.   At NAB 2016, Akamai is pleased to announce the brand new Akamai Broadcast Operations Control Center (BOCC).

The BOCC is a brand new monitoring and support service epicenter ensuring effective, real-time, high-density monitoring, and 24x7x365 maximum uptime for the most demanding broadcast customers. One of the key challenges for broadcasters competing in the crowded OTT space is to provide the flawless, better-than-broadcast viewing experience that consumers are increasingly demanding. To offer high quality content, a broadcaster needs to closely monitor and troubleshoot their content from encoder to delivery, especially for Live/Linear broadcast content.  

In addition to the round-the-clock monitoring and troubleshooting, the BOCC provides quick mitigation, workflow assessment, and constant customer updates. Staffed by a dedicated team of broadcast specialists, the BOCC provides real-time monitoring of each component of the media streaming workflow for its availability and quality of output, with immediate alerts fired whenever a component strays outside of the predetermined tolerance for its normal functionality. Each linear channel or live event is observed by remote test agents, and key quality-of-service (QoS) indicators are tracked for the entire viewing audience, based on information from each of their playback devices.  Whenever QoS changes beyond the thresholds set by the broadcaster are encountered, alerts are instantaneously fired, and immediately evaluated for validity.

Akamai's customers will benefit from a managed broadcast operations service with responsive support, workflow setup verification, and best practices, including weekly and monthly reports, and real-time access to audience Quality of Experience (QoE) metrics. Conceived for Akamai's top broadcasters in mind to be able to customize and own an immersive, high quality, optimal viewer experience for their customers with the help of an advanced comprehensive broadcast monitoring and management center, all  supported by a team of top broadcast video experts.

The BOCC was designed and is managed by a veteran broadcast network engineer, Matt Azzarto, Director of Media Operations who is in charge of bringing best practices from online video streaming, network operations and television broadcasting to support business-critical OTT video services. Meet Matt Azzarto and learn more about his mission:

Akamai is in a unique position as the largest CDN to capture and closely monitor the telemetry of a customer's live broadcast stream through every point, from encoder, ingest and egress, to delivery, and be able to spot and quickly mitigate streaming issues proactively before end-users are affected. Adding to constant innovations, and existing NOCC and SOCC centers, the BOCC is an investment in our OTT strategy that demonstrates Akamai's commitment to delivering "Video quality at scale."          

Come visit us in our Akamai headquarters in Cambridge, meet Matt Azzarto and his team, and let us give you a tour of our state-of-the-art Broadcast management facility. If you're at NAB this year, stop by the Akamai booth at LVCC-SL3325 and let us show you a BOCC demo showcasing our monitoring and support of an onsite live stream, or reach out to your Akamai account executive for more information.

*The NPD Group: 82 Percent  Growth Expected in Installed Internet-Connected TV Devices by 2018, According to NDP

By: Noreen Hafez, Director, Global Product Marketing