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HTTP/2 is here; come and get it!

Since showcasing a production demonstration of HTTP/2 at Velocity in 2014 and announcing broad support in 2015, Akamai has been actively working with hundreds of customers to deliver HTTP/2-enabled websites.

Akamai was the first, but not the only, CDN provider to support HTTP/2. So what makes Akamai's implementation of HTTP/2 special? In short:

  • Integrated Testing & Deployment Tools: fully integrated tools to control the deployment of HTTP/2 and A/B test its impact on your real users for alternative versions of your site
  • Browser-aware Intelligence:
    • The simplicity of letting Akamai automatically optimize at the network edge for both HTTP/2 and legacy HTTP/1.1 browsers
    • Intelligent 'server push' from edge-to-client based on pre-configured rules or predictive logic
  • Core Performance Optimizations: smarter resource priorities and TCP optimizations

To go deeper on these topics, we will post a series of blogs over the next several weeks to discuss a wide range of H2-related topics - such as the transition from SPDY to H2, use cases where H2 helps or hinders performance, validating/tuning H2 performance, intelligent resource loading, server push, security implications of H2, sharing customer success stories, and much more. Please stay tuned and join us in the discussion.

If you are an existing Akamai customer, go ahead and turn-on HTTP/2 today! If you are not currently an Akamai customer, give us a call today and learn how we can make your web experiences faster, more reliable, and secure.