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Bringing OTT Video to Life at NAB

We are less than a month away from NAB and Akamai has some big plans in store. With the amount of buzz centered around over-the-top (OTT) video, our floor presence is dedicated to bringing OTT workflow and delivery to life. Show attendees can experience a behind-the-scenes look at the technologies that are helping drive the seismic transformation in media delivery and consumption. Each section of the Akamai booth will represent a key component of OTT workflow including capture, cloud, monitor and consume.

As visitors enter the Akamai booth they will have the option to grab a coffee, however this is not your ordinary cafe. The Cafe visitors will take part in the live 4k video capture that's used to illustrate the OTT workflow throughout the booth.

After exiting the capture area, visitors can follow the live video feed as it's quickly sent to the cloud using Akamai accelerated ingest technology. Within the cloud section, visitors can learn more about how Akamai transcodes, packages and prepares video and content for cloud-based delivery. 

After exiting the cloud visitors will witness first-hand how Akamai monitors OTT video delivery. Feel free to ask our experts questions about how Akamai maintains quality from the video capture all the way through to the consumer.

The OTT tour ends in the living room area where visitors can experience the view from a video consumer's standpoint. OTT streaming will be on display across a number of TVs and devices, illustrating how Akamai delivers high quality video experiences for premium media brands throughout the world. Visitors will have a chance to learn how Akamai media delivery and a suite of modular, client-side SDK technologies can help content distributors deliver on the promise of OTT.

To see for yourself, make sure to visit us at our booth SL3325 in the South Hall Lower section. You can also schedule meeting by going to www.akamai.com/nab2016. We look forward to seeing you there!

Still need to make last minute arrangements? We've got you covered. Visit the NAB Show website and enter the Akamai guest pass code "LV8465" at checkout for a $150 savings on an "Exhibits Pass Session 3-Pack."

Alex Balford is a senior product marketing manager for Akamai.