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Life Lessons at NAB

Less than a year out of college and getting ready to cover my first NAB Show as a wet-behind-the-ears trade journalist in the mid 90s, I remember receiving a fascinating (especially at the time) piece of advice. It came from a veteran of many shows, not to mention many trips to Las Vegas, shortly after I was assigned an ambitious list of conference sessions to report on during the week.

"The sessions are great. Sit in the back of the room, get off your feet, grab a few quotes and take a little snooze," the font of experience explained, remarkably, in all seriousness. This sounded like a win-win to my 22-year-old self who was a bit more excited about the "after hours" as opposed to the "work" portion of his first trip to Vegas.

Suffice to say, that first morning session came early as I scoped out the room for a nice seat toward the back. Pen and notebook in hand, I got comfortable and started listening for some early quotes to jot down before nursing the effects of the previous night's transgressions with a quick nap. Funny thing ... I kept listening. Pretty interesting stuff, this whole "transmission of high definition television signals" thing. Go figure.

That's a whole lot of setup to say there's a ton of great stuff that continues to take place in the conference part of NAB; it's not just a sprawling exhibit floor for broadcast and digital media technologies (where Akamai happens to be exhibiting in booth SL3325 this year. Please stop by or set up a meeting.)

Speaking of the sessions, Akamai subject matter experts are involved in three this year, covering a pretty interesting range of topics - from cloud-based media delivery, to OTT streaming and web security.

Will Law, Akamai's Chief Architect for Media, is speaking on the Cloud Innovation Conference Panel, "Leadership for Key Players in the Industry." He'll be one of several panelists representing key phases of the content chain providing an overview of cloud technologies currently employed in the media & entertainment space. The session takes place Tuesday, April 19th, at 9:40 a.m. in room S219.

On Tuesday afternoon, Akamai CTO for Media John Bishop is participating in "TV Everywhere: Meeting the Multiscreen Challenge," part of the NAB online video conference. Starting at 3:45 in room N249, panelists plan to evaluate the current state of TV Everywhere and speculate as to what's ahead for the industry.

Casting a much-needed light on the growing concerns with cyber security in the media business, Dave Lewis, Global Security Advocate at Akamai, will present "DDoS: Barbarians at the Gate(way)." Dave's talk will take a look at the tools, methods and data behind DDoS attacks and the impacts they can have on media companies, as well as patterns that can be recognized to help protect one's organization from malicious activity. The presentation takes place Wednesday, April 20th, at 4 p.m. in room S228, as part of the NAB Broadcast Engineering Conference's Cyber Security for Broadcast Operations track.

Whether you're a grizzled media and entertainment industry veteran or a rookie college grad who hasn't quite learned the benefits of "moderation," there is an awful lot to learn as part of NAB's conference sessions. I hope you'll make some time to catch at least one of our great speakers during the show and, by all means, swing by Akamai's booth at SL3325 to say hi. We'll all be there ... bright and early.

Chris Nicholson is a senior public relations manager at Akamai.