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Games Industry Leaders Speak About Player Experience

Whenever I'm at a games event, I try to start debates. My go-to firestarter is the topic of whether or not we're doing everything we can to make the player experience better. Some people insist that players don't care, and will put up with anything. Others argue that gameplay is king. Still others (close to my heart) suggest that there are many places where the player experience could be made better.

I was delighted when I saw this video of interviews conducted with several key figures in the games industry. They were asked to reflect on how game technology has changed player expectations, and what we need to do to keep up. These guys have strong opinions on the subject - and I don't mind that they agree with me.

This means at my next event, I'll be able to say... "oh yeah, well Dean Takahashi, Thaine Lyman and I disagree with you."

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