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Meeting the Digital Mandate in Financial Services - Performance Matters

Digital Transformation, Millennials, and the Future of Financial Services

Digital performance is more important to Financial Services Institutions (FSIs) than ever before. As they continue to work to regain the trust of customers, investors, and regulators, FSIs must prepare to engage and attract the next generation of customers - millennials. Simultaneously, digitally native startups are making inroads on their market share. In response, FSIs must undergo a digital transformation - redefining value propositions and optimizing business models and processes with a laser focus on changing customer relationships and experiences. To support this innovation, FSIs must rely on web performance and security experts to deliver fast, safe, digital experiences to their customers and focus on what they do best - build trusted relationships based on exceptional financial services.

In our most recent e-book, Digital Transformation, Millennials, and the Future of Financial Services, Akamai makes the case for the above with compelling data from our "Performance Matters" survey, highlighting frequency of online financial services activities, customer habits by device, and how consumers respond to dissatisfying web experiences (hint: not well). Without playing spoiler, we organized our key findings into four categories:

  • Customer's rising performance expectations

  • Revenue opportunities presented by the adoption of online banking and investing

  • Convenience of mobile vs. the functionality of desktop

  • The business impact of bad web experiences

Responses to Dissatisfying Web Experiences.jpg

We've also developed white papers that share innovations in the financial services industry, infographics displaying the importance of the millennial customer, an industry focus sheet that shows how Akamai products can uniquely overcome web performance and security challenges, and more. Essentially, we've created a series of assets that can arm FSIs with the knowledge and expertise to embrace a company wide digital transformation and better prepare your organization to meet business goals.

As we share these assets over the next couple of weeks, Akamai financial services experts Cheryl Chiodi and Rich Bolstridge will be blogging on critical topics like security and digital transformation, gamification, the importance of customer centricity, and more. To learn more about these topics and how they fit into a FSIs business strategy, I sat down with Cheryl for an interview.

Stay tuned for more assets, posts, and information over the coming weeks. We'll be posting content and having conversations on social media as well, so follow @Akamai, @cchiodi, and @efullerton to check in with us. For more on the Performance Matters series, click here. For more on Akamai and financial services, click here.