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I'm not a Vegas kind of guy. It's the heat mostly, but I think it's a gamble to put $1.25 in a hotel vending machine, hoping all the way that my corn chips don't get stuck on the dispenser rings. As such, it's a very big deal when I go to Vegas on purpose, and an even bigger deal when I can say I'm excited about it.

I'm very excited.

Next week, we'll be at the DICE summit, hosting several roundtable sessions on the topic: "Why Players Are Leaving Your Game." We're eager to hear the animated discussions around the issue of player churn, and what we can do in the games industry to manage and improve retention. I love talking about it, and I always find the subject drives passionate responses.

I'll also get to connect with games industry folks I don't see often enough. If you're in town, please stop by one of our roundtables. I'd love to hear your opinion.