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eTail West Preview - 2016

I love eTail West - and not just because I get to stay in warmer climates (sorry, New England folks!), but because eTail West is a meeting of the savviest minds in the retail space. Not only am I excited about the upcoming show, but also about some of our own recent retail announcements that align with the type of innovation showcased throughout the conference. 

We recently announced the Akamai Bot Manager solution. Unlike traditional bot detection or mitigation solutions that only enable automated web traffic to be discovered and/or blocked, Bot Manager is designed to allow companies doing business on the web to adopt a new, more comprehensive, strategy when dealing with bots. In case you didn't already know, bots can represent as much if not more traffic than human users. In fact, on a typical day, Akamai sees more than 10 billion requests from over 60 million bots, some of which are good bots. In fact, there are situations where the impact of bot activity on the business may be beneficial, while the impact on site performance is not. The new launch means that website managers and retailers have more choices than just blocking bots entirely. In fact, they can better manage bot traffic on an ongoing basis. I encouraged you to check out the full press release here!

In addition to Bot Manager, we have also seen some interesting trends following the holiday shopping season in our 2015 Online Holiday Shopping Trends and Traffic Report. More specifically, but maybe not surprisingly, eCommerce shopping activity - especially on mobile devices - played a key role in driving the global 2015 holiday season's results. In fact, mobile comprised more than half of all North American traffic and nearly half of all traffic in Europe. What this means for retailers is that it's not enough to have a mobile site.  Retailers must build sites that provide a seamless experience across the many different screen sizes and devices while thinking strategically about the content that is consumed on those devices to make browsing and buying easy. We should expect that mobile will continue to impact the retail industry, driving new types of technology and innovation within the space. I'll be speaking about this topic - and what it means to deliver a truly innovative customer experience in 2016 - at eTail West this week.

If you're interested in hearing more about Bot Manager, trends from the holiday data, or our Web experience optimization and cloud security expertise, I invite you to come down to the Akamai booth (#500/502) at eTail West. As always, I'm looking forward to spending more time with industry peers, and learning about emerging opportunities and technologies in the online retail community.