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The move to an Encrypted Web

It wasn't too long ago that the only reason a site would leverage HTTPS was to encrypt sensitive data so it couldn't be read in transit. Times are changing and the Internet as we know it is moving more and more towards encrypting all website traffic. Below are 7 good reasons to move your website to only use HTTPS.

Mitigate risk of sensitive data leaking out unencrypted

Yes, it happens. Despite the best of intentions sensitive data can accidentally leak out over unencrypted connections. Encrypting all data with HTTPS by default minimizes the changes of this occurring.

Improve data integrity

Ever connect your phone, tablet, or computer to public WiFi? If so, I assure you you're not alone. The risk of your unencrypted webpage being modified (i.e malicious code being added) on the way to your user is a serious security risk. HTTPS mitigates the risk of so called man-in-the-middle attacks because your websites' encryption certificate is validated by the end user's browser. Most of us have seen the not so subtle warning message that a browser will display if the certificate can't be validated.

Better SEO

Want your site to have a higher search engine ranking? Of Course! Google will count sites that require HTTPS as a positive search ranking signal.

Improved mobile performance

What? How can introducing encryption to my site actually make it faster on mobile devices? The answer lays inside mobile networks. Many mobile carriers introduce their own proxy servers to reduce the bandwidth usage in their network. Unfortunately, these proxies introduce latency that increases the load time of your site. While unencrypted traffic gets filtered through mobile proxies which become bottlenecks, encrypted traffic bypasses these proxies going directly to mobile users. Studies have proven mobile performance is faster over HTTPS.

Leverage HTTP2

HTTP2 (or H2 for short) is the latest version of HTTP. Browsers have implemented H2 in a way that it will only work for sites that use HTTPS. H2 provides meaningful performance improvements through advanced features such as connection multiplexing (only one TCP connection is open per user), server push (data can be proactively pushed to the user, before they request it), header compression (H2 exchanges are smaller), and stream dependencies (the client can prioritize which content it wants to receive first).

Costs have come down

With increasing adoption of SNI and new certificate authority options such as Let's Encrypt (of which Akamai is a founding member) the cost of running HTTPS has come down.

It's a matter of time

The Internet is starting to shift towards H2 and encrypting all webpages. It's only a matter of time!

As an Akamai customer, it's easy to force users to load your page with HTTPS. If your website is not already leveraging HTTPS, it's worth a discussion with your account team today.