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How to Start Optimizing in an H/2 World

If there was ever a truism it is that technology is rapidly evolving under our feet.  What was right today, is likely to be sub-optimal tomorrow.  This situation can cause a sense of paralysis leading to delayed action because next week the "Next Great Thing" is coming soon.  With the advent of HTTP/2 (h2) that translates to holding off on optimizing your web properties.  When you have large portions of your user base on h2 and a similarly large portion on h1, you need to double your efforts to keep up!

We anticipated this problem while helping the development of h2.  As a result, we have updated Ion to understand the client's connecting protocol and adjust what optimizations Ion applies.  Most Front End Optimization (FEO) techniques will help as much with h2 as they did with h1 (for example, async javascript), but some became anti-patterns overnight (eg. sharding and inlining).  Ion now takes this into account and tunes page performance based on h2 or h1.x, so you do not have to.

Don't be paralyzed.  Optimize today.  Enable Ion.