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Playing Hide and Seek In the Cloud

When we were young, we had fun playing hide and seek. As 5 year olds there were a limited number of places our friends could hide, and we could methodically check each one and then giggle when we found them. As we grew older, we expanded the boundaries of the game. Today, as security researchers, hide-and-seek is no longer so fun because the boundaries are nearly infinite. How do you find and evaluate the risk, for example, of one deadly SQL injection attempt across 200,000 daily attack events?
Threat intelligence is the answer for that, by analyzing huge amount of data, it finds the malicious needle in the data haystack and provides actionable insights that will assist with mitigating the risk. One of the advantages of threat intelligence is that it facilitates security teams to move from the reactive approach, which is one step behind, to proactive approach, which is one step ahead. The proactive approach improves mitigation tactics against current threats and at the same time upgrades future mitigation strategies.
A key factor for proactive insights lay in the ability to have visibility to rich, diverse and continuous data; Therefore, it is only natural that cloud networks, such as content delivery networks (CDN), should utilize the rich, diverse and continuous data, streaming through their infrastructure into threat intelligence.
This article will show the unique power of threat intelligence utilizing cloud networks and present a case study that find and correlate those malicious needles into insightful and actionable intelligence.