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Akamai at CES 2016

The Akamai Media Delivery team is looking forward to seeing you at CES 2016!  One of the major themes we expect to hear a lot about at CES this year is OTT, or Over-The-Top delivery of premium video content over the internet, without the accompanying ownership of the distribution network.  

We're seeing companies of all sorts jumping on the OTT bandwagon claiming to be experts.  The fact is, Akamai has been doing OTT delivery longer than anyone else in the industry.  This expertise is proven by our track record of successfully delivering many of the world's highest profile live and live-linear programming events to date.

Akamai's mission for OTT is clear: to deliver the highest quality viewing experiences possible.  As the OTT market continues to mature, and OTT audiences continue to demand higher quality, greater interactivity, and increased personalization of their viewing experiences, Akamai is continually innovating to deliver on the "art of the possible" that OTT promises for viewers.

At CES 2016, Akamai is proud to unveil some of our latest OTT innovations in our new "Akamai Media Innovation Room", premiering for the first time this year. 

The "Akamai Media Innovation Room" showcased demos will include:

  • OTT Best Practices:
    Product experts will share how to best combine all of Akamai's technology to create a best-in-class user experience for live-linear OTT workflows
  • OTT Live Workflow Innovations:
    Product experts will demonstrate Akamai's latest innovations in supporting live workflows, including ingest simplification and live transcoding innovations
  • Broadcast Operations - Partner Design & Beta Program:
    Specifically for Broadcast customers, we'll be discussing Akamai's new partner program to help us design and introduce a comprehensive set of Broadcast Operations tools, support, and service offerings to provide rapid response, issue mitigation, and definitive root cause analysis for Broadcast customers moving into OTT delivery

To schedule a meeting with Akamai's Media product experts and to experience the demos showcased in our "Akamai Media Innovation Room", please visit our CES 2016 Meeting Request page here or email us at OTT@akamai.com.

Please note, our meeting rooms and the "Akamai Media Innovation Room" are located in the Mandalay Bay Hotel.  Please allow for travel time to and from the Las Vegas Convention Center when scheduling your meeting.

See you at CES 2016!

Ray Gilmartin, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Media