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Akamai Cloud Networking Update - Deutsche Telekom Selects Akamai To Deliver Greater Performance And Reliability For Internet Connected IP-VPN Services

We are happy to announce that Deutsche Telekom has selected Akamai Cloud Networking to enhance its IP-VPN portfolio. The new IP-VPN offering from Deutsche Telekom will utilize Akamai Cloud Networking Internet Transport Optimization capabilities to bolster the reliability and performance of enterprises' Internet IP-VPN traffic.

As an increasing number of enterprises look to leverage the Internet to access mission critical applications, performance and reliability challenges of the best effort Internet become ever more apparent. This is especially true when branch office employees across the world are accessing applications over the Internet.
Deutsche Telekom has developed a solution that leverages Akamai technology to identify the best performing routes across the Internet to significantly improve the quality of transmission for enterprise networks. When a better performing route is identified, data is dynamically diverted in real time. This makes the access of enterprise critical applications over the Internet more reliable.
With this new portfolio, Deutsche Telekom is targeting corporate customers with large numbers of globally distributed branch offices and subsidiaries that do not have access to connections via high-performance digital networks for voice and data (MPLS, Multiprotocol Label Switching) and that want to use Internet infrastructure. Intercontinental, long-distance connections pose a particular challenge for corporate networks. In addition to MPLS the new solution provides customers with a better performing connection for enterprise locations over the Internet.
Join us, and Deutsche Telekom, in transforming your enterprise network.