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A Better Internet for Business and the New Enterprise Network

It has been a busy week for Akamai and the Cloud Networking team.  In addition to launching our Cloud Networking solution category, we completed Edge, our annual customer conference, acquired Bloxx, a Secure Web Gateway company, and Orange Business Services and Deutsche Telekom announced that they selected Akamai Cloud Networking to power their business grade Internet solutions. So what does this mean for our customers?

Every morning when I exit the elevator at Akamai's San Francisco office, I am greeted by our mission statement: Akamai makes the Internet fast, reliable and secure. For the last several years I have given a lot of thought to what that really means. 

Are we doing that for the entire Internet? The mission statement has always been true if you are a content provider or consumer. However, what if you are in charge of the enterprise network, and like many of your peers have started to embrace the Internet to extend your network for site connectivity, SaaS and other Cloud applications?

Today I am happy to announce that while well known Akamai solutions will continue to make the Internet fast, reliable and secure for the content provider and consumer; the Cloud Networking solution suite will do the same for the Enterprise that is embracing the Internet as an extension of their network.

A Better Internet for Business - Image 1.png

Through our ecosystem partners, we will make the Internet and intranet fast, reliable and secure whether you are a content owner trying to deliver your content globally, or a CIO trying to figure out how to effectively connect your branches to intranet, Internet, cloud, and SaaS applications, we got you covered!

Faster forward - in the enterprise.