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Podcast: Super-Vulnerabilities, Brand Takedown & Incident Response

Bill Murphy of the RedZone Podcast interviewed me a couple weeks ago. We discussed everything from super vulnerabilities to incident response to the creation of Akamai's Security Intelligence Response Team (SIRT).

From Murphy's program notes:

In this podcast episode I interview Bill Brenner, who is an expert at digesting threat intelligence information and making this information available to a wide pool of people from C-Suite Executives to coders and developers. Bill is a Senior Technical writer for Akamai and has been a writer for CSO Online, and Liquid Matrix Security Digest. Additionally, he created and writes in a blog called the OCD Diaries where he discusses mental health issues with IT Executives and staff within the technology industry.

Three musts for an IT security decision maker that we discussed:

  1. Super-vulnerabilities like Heartbleed, Shellshock, Poodle and OpenSSL - Identify the risks these pose your assets within your company and remediate them.
  2. Incident Response - Remember to develop a BCP/DR plan for IT Security Incidents
  3. Protect Your Brand - Which hacking groups don't like your company or brand that leave you vulnerable to DDoS, cyber espionage, and ransomware style of attacks?
I also shared some of my favorite infosec resources.