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Akamai Edge 2015 Cloud Security Track

Next month, I'll be at the Akamai Edge customer conference. It's a terrific opportunity to meet face-to-face with a lot of our customers and get their feedback on what's working for them and what we can improve upon. A robust Web Security track of talks is planned, and I'll be blogging about it. 

The security track will run each day of Edge. Here's a tentative look at some of the discussions we have planned.
  • How does the Akamai Security team secure Akamai's own operations and customers? We'll review how one small security team can use DevOps-inspired ideas to promote security and help the company manage risk across many business units.
  • 2015 was the year in which many organizations started thinking about bots. Performing both legitimate and illegitimate activities, bots are a permanent presence on most websites and have a long-term impact on business and IT infrastructure. Hear about challenges facing other customers and get a sneak peek into what Akamai is doing in bot management.
  • The more you know about the security threat landscape and the mindset of malicious attackers, the stronger your cloud security strategy defense can be. In this session, members of Akamai's threat intelligence team will show how they use their expertise in security research and threat intelligence to stay one step ahead of cyber attackers. Learn about the threat landscape for 2015, emerging attack trends, techniques, toolkits and botnet activity.
  • Learn how Akamai's customers have used managed security services to help augment their staff knowledge, situational awareness and provide organization operation response capabilities when they were faced with DDoS and Web application attacks.
  • Hear from Akamai customers on how they have benefited from Akamai's flexible cloud security platform and their business drivers and requirements.
  • Learn how today's Web application threats require multiple layers of security. Each layer uses a different technique complimenting the other to provide a comprehensive web application protection.