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Mobile is Feeding My #FreeBrady Obsession

As a New Englander and avid Patriots fan, I have been obsessed with watching everything #FreeBrady related.  I can't get enough.  Short of reading the entire 243-page Wells report - Snooze - I want to watch everything that is going on with deflategate in order to support my favorite QB against all the haters out there.  

Every break I have in my day is spent searching for updates on my phone.  Watching Brady and Goodell show up for court in New York.  News reports of that unflattering drawing of Brady.  Even the video of the court artist apologizing for her rendering of him.  I have watched more reports on PSI measurements and the importance of the team's equipment manager.  I can't get enough of Belichick's press conferences.  There is even a video of what Belichick would be like as a weatherman.

At Akamai, we have been working on a new mobile video delivery technology  (available this winter) to make my #FreeBrady obsession an even better viewing experience.  A mobile video application designed to provide mobile subscribers with an on-demand mobile video service that feels just like channel surfing on their home TV - with HD quality videos, personalized to individual preferences, that start instantly with no buffering or stalling.  Videos are delivered and stored on the mobile device using off-peak cellular capacity or Wi-Fi so the quality isn't affected by cellular congestion, and I can watch Tom in HD no matter where I am.  A content recommendation engine, based on my social sharing, likes and dislikes support the discovery of hyper-relevant content so the videos I receive are tailored to my taste.

This technology will be available in a form of an fully developed App, with content aggregation included, or an SDK that media companies or TV everywhere providers can implement as part of their own on-the-go video application.  Check out this Youtube clip to see a preview of the technology.

So when Brady is finally "Freed" from this deflategate mess, I can focus my viewing on more important topics, like watching HD clips of my fantasy team on my phone and hoping Geno Smith makes a very quick recovery because I didn't get Brady in the draft.


Kristen Raybould is a product marketing manager for the Emerging Mobile Business Unit at Akamai.